What are holographic stickers?

Holographic stickers are made of a reflective and colourful vinyl that gives your designs a unique shine. Holographic vinyl has a striking rainbow effect that changes with light and perspective, also called iridescent effect. Like for example the holographic effect of the stripes that appear on banknotes.

Can you exchange or return a sticker after purchase?  

The product must be returned in the same condition, packaging in good condition.

Ask for the measurements  

Before placing your order, please ask for the measurements of the sticker to make sure that they adapt perfectly to your bike, we advise that we do not pay the return costs in case the measurements do not suit your needs.

Do you accept returns or exchanges on custom designs? 

No, it is not possible to make exchanges or returns on custom designs. They are custom-made stickers and returns are not allowed, unless the sticker shows some type of printing failure by Star Sam.

Instructions for placing the stickers

If your order does not have a carrier, you only have to clean the surface and stick the sticker directly on the indicated place. Recommended steps to follow:
1-Clean the surface where you want to put the vinyl (It is important to apply it on a smooth, clean, dry and free of dust or grease surface).
2-Turn the adhesive (with the conveyor downwards) and remove the silicone paper taking care that all the vinyl is stuck on the conveyor.
3-Position the conveyor with the vinyl on the desired surface.
4-Apply pressure all over the conveyor to make sure that the vinyl sticks to the surface (use a plastic card or a cloth).
5.-Remove the conveyor slowly, starting from a corner and pulling very slowly as close as possible to the surface where you have applied the vinyl.

What material are the Star Sam stickers made of?

Vinyls of the highest quality, ORACAL vinyls. The printing is done on ORACAL 3651, polymeric vinyl. 3M adhesive of the highest quality. The lamination of the stickers is made with ORAGUARD 210, protecting the adhesive from ultraviolet rays, avoiding the loss of colour with exposure to the sun, ultra-resistant to scratches and friction. The inks used in the printing of the adhesive are eco solvent ROLAND TRUEVIS INK. Our printing machines are the most advanced on the market and achieve the highest quality in terms of colourimetry. Printed vinyl sticker of the highest quality. Laminated vinyl with a 5 year guarantee. 

How many stickers are included in this product?

All our products include all the stickers shown in the image.