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Renew the look of your classic Guzzi motorbike with our selection of stickers for classic Guzzi motorbikes. You can choose stickers for the Guzzi Cangurito, Guzzi HispaniaGuzzi Digno or Guzzi Serva models, choose the sticker kit you like the most and stick it on your bike to rejuvenate it and make it look fantastic. The stickers are easy to apply and adapt very well to the sticking surface, so that it looks natural. Choose the possibility to personalise your design, send it to us and we will make sure it fits your bike like a glove. 

Quality for classics

If you have a classic Guzzi motorbike, cover it with the best quality stickers available. We have 3M quality stickers, resistant to sun, water and scratches so they will last with you and your bike for a long time. The classics need looking after. 

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