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Aprilia Compay Custom Motorbike Stickers Grey Colour - Star Sam

APRILIA COMPAY CUSTOM Classic motorbike compatible stickers Kit

Brands: Aprilia

How to use

Previously clean the surface where the adhesive is to be placed. Use soapy water and then glass cleaner or alcohol until the impurities on the surface are removed. When separating the carrier vinyl from the base (in case you had carrier vinyl) it should be done slowly (without pulling), all the adhesive vinyl drawing should be fixed to the carrier vinyl. Place the adhesive in the desired place and apply water. Once attached, apply firm pressure to the adhesive from the center out.

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Aprilia motorbike stickers

Do you ride a classic Aprilia? If so, you should feel a great sensation every time you ride it, we help you to make it even more special. At Star Sam we offer you the best stickers to give your bike the look you want and the protection you are looking for.

Kit out your Aprilia from top to bottom

If you are looking for a deeper makeover, we recommend sticker kits. With these kits you will also get almost total protection against sun exposure, rain and scratches. We have designs for the most popular Aprilia models: Pegaso, CaponordFutura and many more.